Smart License definition license modules

General termsHuman readable definitionLegal definition
content blockchainTechnical system to enable rights owners like creators or publishers to license content to users and to register the license transactions publicly and persistently on a blockchain technology
creatorThe person who created the licensed material (e.g. a composer or an author).
ISCCunique content IDInternational Standard Content Code - a unique ID (content identifier) that defines the licensed material as a machine-readable code
licensee/You“Licensee” or “You”: the individual or entity exercising the rights under this smart license. Your has a corresponding meaning.
licensed materialthe creative content that is licensed under this smart licenseThe artistic or literary work, database, or other copyright protected material to which the licensor applied this smart license. The licensed material is identified by a unique ISCC
licensorThe individual(s) or entity(ies) granting rights under this license. The licensor can be the creator or another copyright owner (like e.g. a publisher).
rights moduleA standardized section of the smart license that describes a certain kind of use. The licensor can choose from a number of rights modules to define the scope of his/her smart license.
rights profileThe combination of rights modules the licensor chose for his smart license.
smart licenseThe sum of rules that apply for the use of the licensed material.
termThe period of time the smart license is valid for.
territoryA random public identifier whose private key is only known by the person(s) that created the wallet id. A Smart License is issued to a Wallet ID which acts as a proxy for its owner(s). The wallet id together with its private key can be used to prove licence ownership.
Rights modulesHuman readable definitionLegal definition
adaptou may modify the licensed material and share your modified version.Modify, alter or change the licensed material in any way (e.g. remixing, transforming, shortening, translating, synchronizing, combining with other material). Adaptations may also be shared.
lendYou may transfer your licensed material to someone else for a limited time. You may not charge a compensation for the transfer.The temporary surrender of the licensed material to another person or entity without compensation.
reproduceYou may copy the workCopy the licensed material in any medium or format (digital, analogue, tangible, intangible). Making available or distribute the material is not subject of reproduce but share.
resaleYou may sell your smart license “as is” to someone elsePermanent transfer of the smart license by the licensee to a third party against compensation. The smart license can only be sold once and in its entirety. By selling it you automatically lose your own rights to use the material automatically. Also, you are obliged to delete your copy(ies) of the licensed material. The resale transaction will be registered on the blockchain.
shareYou may make the material accessible to others in digital form Make the licensed material accessible to third parties in digital form. Share means e.g. to publicly display, perform or present the material, to broadcast, stream or make it online available. In case these uses require copying the material the necessary reproductions are covered, too.
Additional rights modules (for further use scenarios)Human readable definitionLegal definition
distributeYou may make physical copies and convey them to others.“Distribute” means to make physical reproductions of the licensed material (like printing a text or burning a CD) and to convey the copies to third parties. The offer to convey copies is a distribution, too.
rentYou may transfer your licensed material to someone else for a limited time. You may charge a compensation for the transfer.“Rent” is the temporary surrender of the licensed material to another person or entity for compensation.
RestrictionsHuman readable definitionLegal definition
non-commercialYou may not use the material for commercial purposes.“Non-commercial” means not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation. For purposes of this smart license, the resale of the licensed material is non-commercial.
no industrial property rightsPatent and trademark rights are not licensed under this smart license.
ObligationsHuman readable definitionLegal definition
attributionIf the licensed material contains references to the creator or publisher or copyright notices you must not remove them..You have to pertain notices that are supplied with the licensed material when you share or distribute it. Under this obligation you have to:

Retain credits to the creator and/or the publisher;
Retain copyright notices;
If so stipulated by the licensor retain an URL or hyperlink to an online source of the licensed material
fair shareIf you sell your smart license a part of your sales revenue will be shared with the licensor. The licensor will provide information about the share ratio and other details ...
indicate adaptationsIf you share an adapted version of the licensed material you have to indicate that your adaptation bases on the licensed material in a reasonable manner. You have to name the creator, copyright owner and licensor of the material according to the attribution obligation. If you share adaptations you must not imply that they are authorised or otherwise endorsed by the licensor.