The Content Blockchain Project is developing a system for registering digital content and license information on a blockchain. We are also building a crypto-economic license trading prototype for secondary use of digital news content.

The project is an interdisciplinary initiative set out to tackle the triple challenge of developing a solution for content administration, tracking and trading that is practical from a technical, legal and economic point of view. The framework, tools and applications will be developed as open-source software. The foundational components will be designed to kick-start cross-sector innovation in online media. The higher level applications for license trading and content delivery will specifically focus on news journalism. Our aim is to drastically simplify the complex inter-organizational processes of license management, content distribution, first and secondary use as well as monetization of digital content. The Content Chain Project will enable new business models in the news ecosystem that were previously impossible. The Content Blockchain Project received funding from the Digital News Initiative.


Craft AG
is specialized in developing new business models: from the initial idea to the foundation of a company and actual business operations.

Posth Werk BV
Business Consulting, Project Management, 
Product Development

creations media GmbH
Web Development, eCommerce, DevOps, Business Process Automation, IaaS


Mail: tp@craft.de

Titusz is techno-creative programmer and artist. He is founder and CEO of Craft AG, which has been developing media technology projects and incubations since 2000.

Titusz Pan

Project Lead

Mail: weicker@creations.de

Founder and CEO of creations media GmbH. 20 years of Internet Experience, specialized in Ecommerce.

Olaf Weicker

Technical Lead


Kira is co-founder and COO of Craft AG. She is a specialist for business development and financial development for new business models and monetization strategies.

Kira Lemke

Business Development

Alexander Menke


Henner Niehaus


Patricia Schinke


Marvin Schmies


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