The Content Blockchain Project was initiated in 2016 by a consortium of publishing, law and IT companies to research the possibilities of using blockchain technologies to advance the content and media ecosystem.

The Content Blockchain Project itself is run as an open non-profit initiative and is building foundational technologies for the media ecosystem. Our goal is to create a decentralized, global, digital infrastructure for the creative community to discover, register, navigate, offer, sell and license digital media content and otherwise exchange value over the network.

All project results and achievements are documented and available as open source code that can be used for any kind of commercial and non-commercial purposes. Thus by design, the Content Blockchain network is open for anyone to create and develop all kinds of new and innovative applications and tools that can connect to the distributed ledger.

The project is also open for contributions from interested parties.

Contributing Community

The Content Blockchain Project is encouraging your engagement. It is open for collaboration, feedback and advice from interested parties as well as endorsements or other contributions and support.

The team of Craft AG is working on various areas of the project: from the blockchain protocol layer, the conceptional work of governance and whitepaper to the specification of the ISCC content identifier as one of the main building blocks of the project.

creations media GmbH is contributing on the conceptional layer of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and is offering developer resources for the development of applications and prototypes.

Posth Werk offers consulting services, project management and product development in the fields of digital innovation and decentralized ledger technology.

The ISCC Foundation is an independent international nonprofit organization that supports and promotes the development and adoption of open standards and open source technologies. 


“The initiative is one of the few blockchain projects to have an immediate utility for the publishing industry. Should publishers join the initiative, success is very likely, and this could positively change the market as a whole.” (Jury reasoning digital publishing award

Grants and Support

StandICT.eu financially supports the standardization process for the ISCC content identifier

From 2016 to early 2018, the Content Blockchain Project has received an initial funding from the Google News Initiative to do research and development on the opportunities of blockchain technology for the media industry.

Founding Project

The Content Blockchain Project was initiated in 2016 by a consortium of publishing, law and IT companies. 

Founding Project PARTNERS

Founding Project Media PARTNERS