Building Blocks

Our building blocks will enable the content community to register, reference, rate, distribute, monitor, sell and resell digital content in new and easier ways. The project’s outcome will be a technical, legal and commercial prototype that can be applied to different business models. The key is to build the foundational standards and tools to enable interoperability and automation of end-to-end processes.

Freely accessible standard identifiers, which are specifically designed to manage digital content, are a fundamental prerequisite for efficient transactions in a decentralized and increasingly heterogeneous media environment.

Smart Licenses are machine readable license information on the blockchain, inseparably connected to the content. Smart License Templates can serve any individual business case and will simplify license transactions and trade on the blockchain.

Transaction Models hold the promise for content to keep moving through the internet as it does naturally, while making it easier for news publishers and content creators to receive royalties from secondary or even tertiary use of their content.