Content Identifiers

Currently, the media industry is still relying on identifiers that were designed for physical products such as printed books and magazines. However, traditional identifiers (like ISBN, ISSN or ISRC) fall short of the requirements for digital trade – and for individual journalistic articles they are missing altogether.

Freely accessible standard identifiers, which are specifically designed for digital content, are a fundamental prerequisite for transactions and sales activities in a digital and increasingly heterogeneous media environment.

With better identifiers for digital content, it will become more efficient to perform sales or other transactions and to report and account revenues or license fees back to the rights holders.

The Content Blockchain Project will design an open identifier for digital content and develop tools to create and register instances of that identifier on blockchain systems. Our working name is ISCC – International Standard Content Code.

How it works

The major innovation of the ISCC: identifiers will be generated algorithmically and in a decentralized way from a basic set of metadata and the content itself. This inseparably links any specific content manifestation to a specific ID.

The ISCC is a unique, hierarchically structured composite identifier. It is built from a generic and balanced mix of content-derived, locality-sensitive and similarity-preserving hashes generated from metadata and content.