Since our public launch of the Content Blockchain Project in May 2017 we have been progressing fast. This is a short report to keep you updated about the project and give some insight about what is happening publicly and behind the scenes.

News Updates

The Content Blockchain Initiative has been nominated as one of the 24 finalists of the ‘EIC Prize Blockchain for Social Good’. On 10 Feb 2020, we presented Content Blockchain at the finalists’ day in Brussels. Over the coming weeks, the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative by the Digital Single Market of the European Commission will award the next generation of blockchain innovators. Read on

On its annual meeting on 8 May 2019 in Ottawa, ISO/TC 46/SC 9 decided to accept the International Standard Content Code (ISCC) as a Preliminary Work Item (PWI) and to establish a working group with experts from various countries and media sectors to continue the joint effort to work on a global standard for digital content identification within ISO TC 46/SC 9.  Read on

The Content Blockchain Project is the winner of the ‘digital publishing award’ 2019 in the category ‘startups’. The collaborative initiative has been awarded in recognition for its ambition to trigger digital innovation in the publishing industry by promoting a blockchain infrastructure dedicated to media content. Read on

At Frankfurt Bookfair 2018 (13 October 2018) the Content Blockchain Project invited publishers, innovators, executives, developers and other stakeholders of the media industry to a networking event during the THEARTS+ conference. Read on

With the 4th milestone the Content Blockchain Project concludes its proof of concept of the building blocks for the content community. We present an end-to-end prototype of an open blockchain based ecosystem. Read on

As a result, after registration of the content identifier and Smart License, it will be possible for apps to search the data on the Content Blockchain and locate entries for ISCC and Smart Licenses in the respective data streams. A Smart License is thus to be considered as an openly published content offering by a rights owner on a public blockchain. Read on

Just like the ISCC unequivocally and inseparably links any specific content to a specific ID, the Smart License unequivocally and inseparably links a specific content to its associated license terms (one or multiple licenses), respectively links specific license terms to a specific content. Read on

The Content Blockchain Project is building the foundational tools that enable journalists, publishers, and media start-ups to create new innovative products, services and business models in the open blockchain economy. Read on

For the image-ID component of the ISCC – that is, the content ID of image files – we need a hash function which, for minor changes to the file, produces an identical hash, or rather one that is as similar as possible while producing a small number of false positive collisions. Read on

The Content Blockchain Project was started to build the foundational tools that enable journalists, publishers, and media start-ups to create new innovative products, services and business models in the open blockchain economy. Read on

Last week it has been reported that pre-orders of Björk’s new album ‘Utopia’ will include a credit of 100 AudioCoins, a cryptocurrency announced and launched in 2015… Read on

Bitcoin is the first global and decentralized digital crypto currency. It is also the most well known and most widely adopted cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization… Read on

Here are some FAQ about the backgrounds of the Content Blockchain testnet for techies and crypto enthusiasts. 
The new Content Blockchain testnet will be based on Multichain. Read on

There are different ways to interact with a blockchain network. One can either just use a wallet in order to effectuate transactions, or one can participate in the network by running one’s own node, which then becomes a part of the network’s infrastructure. Read on

The rights profiles are one of the major innovations that are being developed within the Content Blockchain Project. This post aims to explain the idea and the motivation behind this legal concept… Read on