Since our public launch of the Content Blockchain Project in May 2017 we have been progressing fast. This is a short report to keep you updated about the project and give some insight about what is happening publicly and behind the scenes.

The Content Blockchain Project was started to build the foundational tools that enable journalists, publishers, and media start-ups to create new innovative products, services and business models in the open blockchain economy. Read on

Last week it has been reported that pre-orders of Björk’s new album ‘Utopia’ will include a credit of 100 AudioCoins, a cryptocurrency announced and launched in 2015… Read on

Bitcoin is the first global and decentralized digital crypto currency. It is also the most well known and most widely adopted cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization… Read on

Here are some FAQ about the backgrounds of the Content Blockchain testnet for techies and crypto enthusiasts. 
The new Content Blockchain testnet will be based on Multichain. Read on

There are different ways to interact with a blockchain network. One can either just use a wallet in order to effectuate transactions, or one can participate in the network by running one’s own node, which then becomes a part of the network’s infrastructure. Read on

The rights profiles are one of the major innovations that are being developed within the Content Blockchain Project. This post aims to explain the idea and the motivation behind this legal concept… Read on

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