The imaginary “EarlyBird” service is using the content blockchain to connect content creators with content marketers.

Alice is an independent investigative journalist. She has created a self-funded, informative and well researched background dossier about energy companies. As a user of the “EarlyBird” service she offers several different licensing options for her article. She also chooses a special offer to share 30% of all future revenues from her article for the first marketer that pays her an equivalent of € 600,- in on-chain currency.

Bob is a professional content marketer and works as a special interest content scout for several media companies. He finds Alice’s article on the “EarlyBird” service and is enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately he will not be able to pitch the article with any of his own contacts because they are interested in different topics. But Bob knows his business and he is sure the article will find an audience and multiple licensees. Bob decides to make a private investment and acquires the 30% share from Alice. Two days later the “BreakingEnergy” news portal licenses Alice´s article. Another two days later it catches the attention of a major news site and is licensed multiple times. With every license transaction to Alice´s article Bob instantly receives his share in royalties via on-chain payment.

by Titusz Pan