Monax refers to both a Tendermint-based platform to develop decentralized business applications and the company behind the platform, which also licenses “legally compliant” SDKs to speed up development. Monax´s offering is a comprehensive modular framework and set of developer tools to build and test blockchain based applications. The offered SDKs are collections of reusable smart contracts mainly targeting finance, insurance and logistics applications. Solidity is used to write the applications which then run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The Monax command-line user1 to the platform allows to set up individual blockchains, which may be hosted by multiple nodes, where applications then can be deployed2. Monax’ SDKs may be made publicly available in 20173 however as of April this has not yet happened.

If we consider Tendermint as a “networking and consensus” engine then it seems that Monax can be considered as “blockchain and smart-contract” engine on top of that, so that our development could focus on:

  • configuring blockchains with Monax for our intended use cases
  • implementing our applications as Ethereum smart-contracts

Using the SDKs may improve the quality and reliability of the smart-contracts, however that would depend greatly on what the SDKs actually offer.