Openchain is an open source software that is marketed as “blockchain technology for the enterprise”. The application is developed in C# and can be used to host a permissioned chain of transactions modifying an internal key-value store. Instead of publishing transactions to a distributed pool, a client communicates directly with the server which in turn handles confirmation and storage of transactions on its own. A strong immutability as provided by a public and decentralized consensus system is not part of the protocol but the server software allows automatic anchoring to a Bitcoin-compatible blockchain by storing a cumulative hash over the Openchain transactions on that chain. 1

Currently, two different types of records can be stored: ACC records represent the balance of a certain asset while DATA records can be used to store arbitrary data or special instructions, for example to establish an automatic redirection of incoming funds from one account to another2or to manage dynamic permissions by creating an access control list3.

With regard to the Content Blockchain Project, Openchain’s strong centralization and administrative possibilities appear to be big concern for any possible application. However, if an approach is chosen where every licenser handles licences and trading thereof on their own, these features will prove useful.