News about the project

Since our public launch of the Content Blockchain Project in May 2017 we have been progressing fast. This is a short report to keep you updated about the project and give some insight about what is happening publicly and behind the scenes.

Project Website

Here is an overview of the new content that we have produced and published on our Website:

Demo Web Application

We have launched the first version of our prototype web application that demonstrates the creation of content identifiers for plain text content. We made an effort to visually demonstrate the inner workings of the ISCC. Give it a try at:

Open Standard Specifications

Based on our prototyping code we have also published the first draft of the specifications for the ISCC. The Specification is developed in a public github repository and the current status is published at

One of our goals for the final specification is to make it as easy as possible for developers to implement ISCC code generation in different programming languages. This also means that we cannot use existent, convenient high level libraries as dependencies as they are likely to be only available in one programming language. Instead we need to deliver simple reference implementations for all logic involved with the creation of ISCC identifiers. We will keep fleshing out the specification with diagrams, reference code, and test vectors in the upcoming months.

Prototype Developer Libraries

The proof-of-concept developer library for ISCC creation which is used as backend for the demo web application is available at

A large part of our efforts was to test the viability of our concept. We created a separate benchmarking repository for that. We also made progress in simplifying the implementation eliminating any external dependencies. The code for the demo web application frontend is also available on github at The prototype code for the rights profiles is available at:

Smart Licenses

We have also made considerable progress with our Smart License concepts. There is a first draft of a “Rights Profile Wizard” for experimentation available at:

We look forward to having more news for you as we start working on our Milestone 3 goals.